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Many volunteers are needed to make a race such as this successful.  Volunteer positions and a brief description are listed below.  If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to info@hambletonianmarathon.com.  Your help is appreciated!!

  1. Water Stops – There will be 18 different water stops on the course, each manned by a different group of people (there will be 6 to 8 people (or more) needed at each water stop).   Water stops will have water & sports drink, and some will have “junk food” and gels (see Water & Food Stops for description), which will be handed out to the runners.  Set up of the water stops (placement of tables, water, sports drink, junk food, gels, cups & garbage bags) will be handled by another committee, but clean-up will be the responsibility of the water stop group (garbage bags will be provided).  There will be a Water Stop meeting a few weeks before the race with the Race Director and the Water Stop Coordinator.  One person from each water stop will be required to attend this meeting.  Water stops can be decorated with items (banners, signs, balloons, etc.) from your group’s company or organization,  or create your own water stop theme!  Be creative and have fun!
  2. Course Marshals – Initial estimates for Course Marshals for the Hambletonian Marathon are for about 50 different locations (we are looking for 2 people per location for 2014, so that is 100 people!).   Course Marshals man corners & intersections and direct runners for their safety.  There will be a Course Marshall meeting a few weeks before the race with the Race Director and the Course Marshall Coordinator.  All Course Marshals should make every effort to attend this meeting.
  3. Detour Volunteers a number of volunteers will be needed to handle the detour for traffic around the Main Street area (which will be closed).  The detour volunteers will hold cars until the runners pass and ensure safety on the course.
  4. Registration – Volunteers are needed to take in late registrations (applications and payment), hand out t-shirts and Runner’s Guides, and give general instructions at the packet pick-up (the day before the marathon) and on race day.
  5. Race Day set up and break down (at the venue) – This will take place at the venue (Goshen Historic Track) the day before the marathon and the day of the marathon.
  6. Course set up and break down Volunteers are needed for course set up and break down, including placement of directional signs, mile markers, sponsor signs, relay exchange instructional signs, etc. on the course.
  7. Relay Exchanges – Volunteers are needed at the 2 relay exchanges on the course (one near the start line in Goshen and one near the Chester Depot in Chester) to direct the individual marathon runners through the course, and the relay runners through the exchange so they can exchange with their next runner.  This will involve yelling out instructions to incoming runners.  In addition, volunteers will be needed to record relay runners and their numbers for trouble shooting as they come in and head out.
  8. Cowbell Hill – Cowbell Hill is the last hill on the course, and is at mile 19.5 (approximate).  We are looking for a number of volunteers to ring cowbells and encourage runners up this hill.  It is right in the middle of a cow farm!
  9. Finish Line – Volunteers are needed to direct runners after they finish, hand them a heat sheet, and place a finishers medal around their neck (medals are given to individual marathoners only).
  10. Baggage Check and Lost & Found – Prior to the race start, volunteers are needed to take runner’s bags (runners will attach a tag to the bag with their race number), organize them (ie: numerical order), and distribute them back to the runners when they complete the run.  In addition, this will be the location where clothing that was removed during the run will be returned, so runners can come here to claim their items if they want (unclaimed items will be donated).
  11. Food Tent Volunteers – Volunteers are needed to set up the food tent and hand out food to the runners after they finish the run.
  12. T-Shirt Exchange if a runner was not able to receive a shirt in a size to their liking, there will be a location with extra shirts where runners may exchange the shirt they were given (the size they ordered) for an acceptable size, as long as there are shirts remaining.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate this exchange.

E-mail  info@hambletonianmarathon.com for more information or to request a volunteer position.  We thank you for your help!

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