Relay Information


Hambletonian ® Good Time Trotters Relay Information:

(Updated 7/4/16.  Relay Information subject to change, check back for updates)

1.  The relay course follows the same figure eight course as the full 26.2-mile marathon.

2.  The relay starts at the same time and in the same location as the full marathon (8 am, at the intersection of Main Street & Park Place, in Goshen, NY, across from Limoncello Restaurant, 159 Main St., Goshen, NY).

3.  Relays are made up of 2 or 3 person teams  (for 2 person teams, one runner run any 2 legs of the relay).  Leg 1 runner (11.5 miles)  MAY extend that leg an additional 1.6 miles to also run the half marathon so that runner will be in 2 races (there is an extra $10 charge for this option).  In addition, Leg 1 runner may also run the full marathon (so that runner will be in 2 races).  For these options, leg 1 runner will wear 2 bibs.  See #10 and #14 below.

4.  Relay distances are (approximate):  11.5 Miles (first leg), 9.8 Miles (second leg) and 4.9 Miles (third leg).  The individual legs of the relay have not been certified accurate, however the total distance of the marathon and marathon relay has been certified (guaranteed accurate).  Click here for course certification information.

5.  Relay registration prices (per team) –

Entry fees for the 2 or 3 Person Marathon Relay are (add $10 if Leg 1 Runner chooses to extend to the half marathon distance):

  • $90.00 (2 person relay); $135.00 (3 person relay) – 1/1/16 to 4/2/16
  • $100.00 (2 person relay); $150.00 (3 person relay) – 4/3/16 to 8/2/16
  • $110.00 (2 person relay); $165.00 (3 person relay) – 8/2/16 to 9/30/16
  • $120.00 (2 person relay); 180.00 (3 person relay) – Race Weekend
  • On-line registration closes at 4pm on Thursday, September 29, 2016 .
  • If a full marathoner wants to also participate in the relay, he or she may do so as the leg 1 runner.  The fee will be the marathon fee plus the cost of the relay for 2 runners at the time of registration, PLUS $10 to cover the extra medal since the full marathoner will receive 2 finisher medals.  Please contact the race director directly if you want this option as there is no on-line registration or paper application with this option.

6.  Relay team categories (first, second & third in each category):

  • Male Open (all 3 male)
  • Female Open (all 3 female)
  • Mixed Open (male or female, any combination)
  • Corporate (male or female, any combination, must all work for the same company – name the company on the application)
  • Education (male or female, any combination, must all work in education (can be different schools)  – can be teachers, staff, students or administrators  – name the school(s) on the application)
  • Law Enforcement / Emergency Responders (male or female, any combination, must all work in law enforcement (including corrections) or emergency services (can be different locations/municipalities) – name the location(s)/municipality(s)  on the application)
  • Family (male or female, any combination – all team members must be related – state the relation on the application)

There are no separate awards for 2-person vs. 3-person teams.

7.  To register a 2 or 3-person relay team by paper application (click HERE for paper relay application):

  • Identify your runners and select one of the above listed categories
  • Select a team name (Race Organizers reserve the right to reject a team name if deemed inappropriate)
  • The Team Captain will be responsible for gathering all team members individual information (name, address, e-mail, phone, age on 10/2/16, gender, and shirt size), determining the team category, and registering the team via paper application.  Note:  if registering with paper application, all runners must sign the waiver before mailing it in.   Participants under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign.
  • Enter all information as outlined on the paper application.  If registering a 2 person team, enter the same person for the 2  legs they are running.
  • The Team Captain is responsible for full payment on behalf of the team.  Full payment is due at time of registration.

8.   To register a relay team (on-line) – use this link: ON LINE REGISTRATION

  • You must register and pay for the entire team at once
  • Prior to signing on, gather all team members information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, birth date, shirt size and which relay leg they will run (LEG 1 = 11.5 miles, LEG 2 = 9.8 miles and LEG 3 = 4.9 miles))
  • Enter your team name (Race Organizers reserve the right to reject a team name if deemed inappropriate)
  • Follow the instructions to complete all team members registrations with the previously gathered information
  • Leg 1 may choose to extend an additional 1.6 miles to also complete the half marathon.  $10 will be added to your total fee for this option.
  • Checkout to pay (entire team amount is due at checkout)
  • At any time you wish to change the order of your relay legs, or remove a member and add a different member, you may do so by emailing the Race Director (Kathleen Rifkin) at to revise your relay team.

9.  Substitutions are OK.  Please notify race director as soon as possible so information can be corrected in the database.  Also, please note if you will be changing categories based on the substitution.

10.  Relay race packets will be given as a group (one team member may pick up for all team members) – no exceptions (we cannot hang onto one of your team members bib & shirt for you – you must make your own arrangements within your team to distribute these items).   Each relay runner will receive a shirt and a number.  Runner 3 (bib C) will wear a number with a chip affixed to it, and Runners 1 and 2 (bibs A & B) will wear a number without a chip.  If Leg 1 runner is also running the full or half marathon, that runner will wear 2 bibs – an A bib without a chip, and a full or half marathon bib with a chip.  For 2 person teams, the runner running 2 legs will wear both of the applicable bibs for the legs they are running.

11.  Relay leg distances and descriptions (approximate):

  • LEG 1 (mile 0 to mile 11.5 of the full marathon, also the first loop of the figure eight course) = 11.5 miles (Moderately hilly, with rolling hills in the first 8 miles, then flat for the last 3 miles.  Miles 8 to 10.5 are on an unpaved, well-groomed section of the Heritage Trail)
  • LEG 2 (mile 11.5 to 21.3 of the full marathon) = 9.8 miles (Most challenging leg.  All on roads with moderate to challenging hills, as well as several flat sections)
  • LEG 3 (mile 21.3 to 26.2 of the full marathon) = 4.9 miles (“Easy” leg.  First 4 miles are flat and fast on a paved section of the Heritage Trail.  Last 7/10 mile is through Village streets with a few small hills, ending on the Historic horse track in Goshen for the finish)
  • Leg 1 and Leg 2 – meet your Leg 3 runner at the entrance to the Horse Track (approximately 1/3 mile from the finish) and finish the race together as a team!

12.  Although anyone can participate in the relay, the race organizer’s theory behind the relay leg locations & distances is that 2 experienced mid to long distance runners will do legs 1 and 2, and they will recruit a new runner for the easier and shorter leg 3.  Get a new runner hooked on running and allow them to experience the excitement of finishing a race on the horse track among the full distance marathoners!

13.  Relay exchange locations:

  • LEG 1 hand-off to LEG 2 – at the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, 240 Main Street, Goshen, NY, just after the completion of the first loop of the figure eight course, approximately 2/10 mile past the start area.
  • LEG 2 hand-off to LEG 3 – Chester Depot, 19 Winkler Place, Chester, NY – just before the entrance to the Heritage Trail.

14.  All three relay team members will wear a number on the front of their outfit.  Only the last runner will have a chip on their number (Runners #1 and #2 (bibs A & B) should wear the numbers WITHOUT the chips on them).  Relay times are finish (gun) times only.  Relay runners should time themselves if they want their individual leg times.   If Leg 1 runner is also running the full or half marathon, that runner will wear 2 bibs – an A bib without a chip, and a full or half marathon bib with a chip.  For 2 person teams, the runner running 2 legs will wear both of the applicable bibs for the legs they are running.

15.  There will be staging areas at each relay exchange for the runners to “hand-off” to the next runner (the “hand-off” will be a touch of the hand between the incoming and outgoing runners).  Volunteers will be directing relay runners to the exchange area and will try to announce incoming team members as they approach the exchange area, however, each relay team is responsible for knowing the approximate time their runner is expected at each exchange and should be aware of when they should arrive based on the projected pace of their runner.

16.  Relay teams are responsible for their own transportation to relay exchanges for 2016 (no vans will be available).     For Relay Exchange 1 (Leg 1 hand-off to Leg 2), there is no movement (by vehicle) necessary, since this is 2/10 mile from the start.  For Relay Exchange 2 (Leg 2 hand-off to Leg 3), the exchange location is at the Chester Depot at or near the entrance to the Heritage Trail (address is 19 Winkler Place, Chester, NY).  The preferred route by car to this location is via Route 17M.  See Relay Exchanges & Directions under the Course tab for directions.

17. See FAQ, Item #16 for details on switching from one race to another