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Hambletonian Marathon, Half Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay

Be Humbled by the Hills While Taking in Views that Thrill!

A Race for Diehards*

A Real Runners’ Marathon*

The “Big Sur” of the Northeast**

…and don’t forget the dancing cows!

It’s the Fifth Annual Hambletonian Marathon!

The fifth annual event is taking place on Sunday, October 15, 2017 in colorful Orange County, Goshen, New York…just an hour-and-a-half north of New York City, in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Looking for a challenge? Then the Hambletonian is the race for you!

  • Run 26.2 miles of glorious rolling roads, farmlands, and trails through Goshen and nearby Orange County communities
  • Take in breathtaking scenic vistas and brilliant fall colors
  • Thrill to the sight of dancing cows (yes, you read that right!)
  • Receive unparalleled support from committed volunteers and local spectators along the entire route
  • Finish at the spectacular Goshen Historic Horse Track, the oldest harness racing track in the world (don’t worry…the horses have assured us the track is ours for the day!)
  • Celebrate at our Finish Line Festival, featuring a comforting meal, cold beer and other drinks, and post-race activities!

Second Annual Half Marathon!

If the notion of running 26.2 miles of glorious hills makes you want to:

  • Run home and hide under the covers
  • Start popping pain relievers NOW
  • Take up knitting instead of running
  • Cry like a baby

….. you can still participate!

Many of our supporters have asked us for a half marathon, and we’ve heard you. This year’s event will continue to feature the Hambletonian Half Marathon (13.1 miles) for those who want to be part of this historic event, but just aren’t up to the full course.

Yes, of COURSE We Still Have the Relay!

As always, we still have our ever-popular Good Time Trotters Relay! And this year’s event includes a two-person event. Your relay options:

  • 3-person relay: Leg 1 (11.5 miles), Leg 2 (9.8 miles), Leg 3 (4.9 miles)
  • 2-person relay: one person may run any two legs
  • Extend Leg 1 of either relay option to also include the half marathon!

See what others have said about us on marathonguide! This is a race not to be missed!

*Read about us in Psychology Today!
**Comment from a 2015 marathon participant

2017 Hambletonian ® Marathon Proceeds to Benefit:

Food Bank of the Hudson ValleyOrange County Citizens Foundation