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1.  When is the race?  The Hambletonian ® Marathon, Half Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay will be held annually each October on the Sunday after Columbus Day.   In 2017, our fifth annual running of the marathon & marathon relay, and the second annual running of the half marathon, the race will be held on October 15, 2017.

2.  Where does the race start and finish?  The race starts and finishes in Goshen, New York, a village in Orange County about 65 miles north of New York City.  The start is on Main Street and the finish is on the Goshen Historic Track.  Click HERE for directions to the start & finish areas.

3.  What time does the race start?  The start time for the individual full marathon, half marathon and the marathon relay is 8:00 am sharp.

4.  How do I register?  Click HERE for the paper mail-in application link and HERE for the on-line registration link.  2017 applications are now posted!

5.  How is the race timed?  The race will be electronically timed using a disposable race number with a chip on it that you will wear on the front of your outfit.   Relay exchanges will not be electronically timed so please time yourself if you want your individual relay leg time.  Relay times will be gun times (only the third runner will wear a bib with a chip on it).  All awards are based on gun times.

6.  Where and when do I pick up my bib, shirt and Runner’s Guide?  Packet pickup will be held on Saturday afternoon from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Delancey’s Restaurant (40 Park Place, Goshen, NY) and early Sunday morning from 6:00 am to 7:45 am at the same location.  The shirt size you ordered will be held for you (you can change sizes if there are extra available shirts).  Each runner will receive a Runner’s Guide!

7.  Where should I park?  Parking for packet pickup, the start, finish & the first relay exchange are at the Orange County Government Center, 255 Main Street, Goshen, NY.  Parking for the second relay exchange is at the Chester Depot, 19 Winkler Place, Chester, NY.  Click HERE for more information on parking locations.  Transportation to the second relay exchange is on your own, so plan accordingly.  The first relay exchange is directly across from the Government Center (no transportation is necessary).

8.  Where will water and Sports Drink be?  Water & Sports Drink will be every one to two miles on the course.  There will also be snacks and Gels at certain water stations.  Click HERE to see each location and what will be given out.

9.  Will there be a baggage check?  Yes.  Check the finish area under the big tent near the Goshen Historic Track and look for signage directing you to the baggage check.  You can use your own bag and must use the tear off from your race number or fill out a tag at the baggage check which will be attached to your bag.

10.  Is the course certified?  The marathon and marathon relay course is certified.  Click HERE for all certification information.  The Half Marathon is accurately measured and will be certified in the future.

11.  I ran the half / full marathon – why does my GPS show the distance is longer than 13.1 / 26.2 miles?  USATF certified courses are tediously measured and are guaranteed accurate (see #10 above for information on the Hambletonian ® Marathon certification).  Click HERE for a very detailed article explaining the process of measuring race courses.

12.  Where can I view the course map?  For an interactive web map of the course, click HERE.  Also see the COURSE MAP page of the website for PDF maps of the course including turn by turn directions.

13.  How about the course elevation?  Click HERE to see the course elevation profile.

14.  Is the marathon course a Boston Qualifier?  Yes!  We are happy to be on the list of over 600 marathons that meet the standards for a Boston Marathon qualifier!  Click HERE to see Boston Qualifying times for the different age groups (male & female).

15.  Can I get a refund or defer to next year if I decide not to run?  There are no refunds for your entry fee if you are unable to run (your entry fee becomes a donation to the Hambletonian Marathon Beneficiaries – the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, improvements to the Heritage Trail (which the marathon course runs on in 2 sections),  The Eva Fini Fund for Rett Syndrome Research) and/or Girls on the RunYou may not transfer your entry to another runner.  Deferring your race entry to the following year is permitted between the time registration opens (normally the first week in January) through March 31 (runners who were unable to run the previous year will be emailed the details).  You are welcome to pick up your shirt and Runner’s Guide at packet pickup even if you are not able to run (if you pick up these items, you are not eligible to defer).

16.  What is the transfer policy?  Can I transfer my registration to another person?  Can I switch from the marathon to the relay or half marathon, or vice versa?  Can I substitute a relay runner on my existing team for someone else?  There are no transfers allowed (you may not transfer your half or full marathon registration to another person).  Please notify the Registration Director at info@hambletonianmarathon.com if you would like to switch races or have relay substitutions.  The following scenarios are possible:

  • If you switch from the relay to the marathon, you must have a substitute to take your place in the relay, or the team will be eliminated from the data base.  The replacement runner must pay their share of the relay fee at the time of the change, and you must pay the difference in the relay fee that you paid, and the marathon fee at the time of the switch.
  • If you switch from the half marathon to the marathon, you will pay the difference in the half marathon fee that you paid, and the marathon fee at the time of the switch.
  • If you switch from the marathon to the relay, you must have your full two or three-person team in order to register (the Registration Director will adjust your registration).  Your other team member(s) must pay their share of the relay fee at the time of registration (you will not be charged again, since you already paid the marathon fee and no refund will be given for the difference).    Click HERE for more information on the relay.
  • If you switch from the marathon to the half marathon, notify the Registration Director who will make the switch.   You will not be charged again, since you already paid the marathon fee (no refund will be given for the difference).
  • Unfortunately, if you switch to a race that has a lower entry fee, we will not be able to refund your previously paid entry fee.
  • Substitutions within your relay team are allowed at no extra charge (in other words, one runner can drop out and another may take their place)Please notify the Registration Director of any substitutions as soon as you know of any changes.

17.  What are the relay distances?  The relay is 3 unequal legs.  The first leg is 11.5 miles, the second leg is 9.8 miles and the third leg is 4.9 miles.  See Relay Information for more details about the relay and a description of each leg.   One runner may run any 2 legs of the relay!   Please register for a 2-person team and enter 1 runner in 2 of the legs, with your 2nd runner in the remaining leg.  This is perfect for a runner training for another marathon who would like to use the Hambletonian as a supported training run before their targeted race.

18.  Can I participate in both the individual marathon and the relay as the first leg runner?   Yes!  Please fill out a paper application (there is no online registration for this option) for the RELAY and note that the first leg runner will also do the full marathon.  The fee for this option is the full marathon price at the time of sign-up, plus the fee for 2 relay runners  (the relay fee times 2/3 at the time of sign-up) plus $10 for the full marathoner being in 2 races since that runner will get 2 medals.

19.  Can I participate in both the half marathon and the relay as the first leg runner?  Yes!  When registering for the relay, select the option that asks if you choose to extend Leg 1 of the relay an additional 1.6 miles to also be in the half marathon (you will be entered in 2 races).  There is an extra charge of $10 to be in both races.

20.  Can I run 2 legs of the relay?  Yes!  One runner may run any 2 legs of the relay.  This is advantageous if you are training for another marathon and would like a fun, supported long run (Leg 1 plus Leg 2 = 21.3 miles OR Leg 2 plus Leg 3 = 15 miles.  You may also run Leg 1 (11.5 miles) plus Leg 3 (4.9 miles), if you wish).

21.  I have never run a half marathon or a full marathon.  Do you offer training?  There are many training programs available on-line for training for and running a marathon or a half marathon.  We recommend Hal Higdon or Jeff Galloway.  Click HERE for a 20 week training program for the Hambletonian Marathon (based on Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 marathon training program).   We hold training runs on the course year round as long as the trail is not snow covered.  Check the Training Runs tab under the “Course” tab of this website to see the current training run.

22.  Will there be race photographs taken?  Yes!  We will have VOLUNTEER photographers taking photographs in various locations on the course.  Please wear your number on the front of your outfit!  After the race, check the website or the Hambletonian Facebook page for a link to race day photos.

23.  Will you have pace groups?  No, there will be no pace groups.

24.  Will there be porta potties on the course?  Yes,  there will be porta potties at miles (approximate)  4.5, 8.2, 11.6 (just past Relay Exchange #1), 15.3, 19, 21.3 (at the Chester Depot, location of Relay Exchange 2), 23.3 as well as the start/finish area.

25.  Will there be first aid on the course?  Yes, there will be medical tents and/or moving medical vehicles set up in various locations on the course.

26.  Can I wear headphones?  Although the course will be well monitored by police and course marshals, it will be open to traffic, so for safety reasons, wearing headphones while running the race is strongly discouraged!  PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!  We ask that you turn off your music as you re-enter the village of Goshen at the end of the first loop (approximately mile 10.5) due to instructions that you need to pay attention to in regards to traffic and detour issues. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

27.  If my shirt doesn’t fit, can I change sizes?  Shirts are ordered weeks in advance based on the shirt size selected on your pre-registered entry form.  When you pick up your shirt, you will be given the shirt size you ordered.  If the shirt doesn’t fit to your satisfaction, you can select from the remaining unclaimed shirts (if any).  We will try our best to accommodate everyone.  Our goal is to provide you with a shirt that you are happy with!  Please register early in order to be guaranteed a shirt (shirt orders are placed approximately 4 weeks before race day).  All shirts will be ordered in Male & Female cuts!  Any left over shirts will be for sale after the race.

28.  Can I run with my dog or a stroller?  No, dogs and/or strollers are not permitted on the course.

29.  Will there be food available after the race?  Yes, we will have a food tent at the finish line area for runners and volunteers to have something to eat after they finish running.  The food is for runners only, and you must show your race number to enter the food tent (no exceptions).  Food for spectators will be available in Goshen (at cafe’s & restaurants) within walking distance of the start and finish area.  Please support the local businesses!

30.  Will I get a finishers medal?  Yes!  All individual full marathoners, half marathoners AND all 3 relay runners will receive a finishers medal.  If you run the half or the full AND the relay, you will get 2 finisher medals!

31.  Will you give out heat sheets?  Yes, heat sheets will be handed out at the finish line.

32.  What are the awards?  Awards will be given out for the top 3 overall male & female and the top 3 in 10 year age groups in the individual full and half marathon.  The relay awards will be the top 3 teams in the following categories:  Male Open, Female Open, Mixed Open, Corporate (all 3 from the same company), Education (teachers, staff, students or administrators – can be from different schools), Law Enforcement / Emergency Responders (must all work in law enforcement (can include corrections) or emergency services – can be different municipalities / locations), and Family (must all be related).  There is no distinction for awards between a 2 person team and a 3 person team.

33.  Is there a pasta party?  There is no pasta party.  Please click HERE for a list of restaurants in Goshen.

34.  Is there a time limit for the race?  Yes, as a courtesy to the members of the community and the volunteers, the course will be supported for 6 hours (13:45 minute mile pace for the marathon and a 27:29 minute mile pace for the half marathon).  If you plan to finish after this time, we will be waiting for you at the finish line, however, water stops in the last 5 miles of the course may be un-manned so please help yourself, as they will still be set up).  Participants still on the course after the time limit are asked to stay to the left side of the road (against traffic).

35.  Can I walk the marathon or the half marathon?  Yes, however see #34 above for the time limit for course support.  With a 6 hour time limit, the half marathon is walker friendly!


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