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Click below for our interactive course map.  Please note, this is not the certified map, so actual mile marker locations may vary slightly from this version.

INTERACTIVE WEB MAP for the full marathon and marathon relay

The Half Marathon is the first loop of the marathon, plus an additional 1.6 miles.  Turn by turn directions from the end of the first loop are:

  • Pass the start area and Relay Exchange #1 (approx. mile 11.5)
  • Turn right onto Orange Ave.
  • Turn right onto McBride Place
  • Turn right onto Arthur Place
  • Turn left onto Parkway
  • Turn left onto South Church St. (turns into Old Chester Rd.)
  • Run to turn-around and come back Old Chester Rd./S. Church St.
  • Turn right onto Parkway
  • Turn left to enter Goshen Historic Track and follow the same finish as the full marathon and the relay.

Click below for a 4 page PDF of our course map – includes Overview Map, Loop 1 Map, Loop 2 Map & Turn By Turn Directions by car:

PDF of Hambletonian Maps including Turn By Turn directions

Click HERE for a map of the end of the half marathon course (miles 11.5 to 13.1)

See Certification Map Tab for all USATF course certification information.



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